Sunday, April 8, 2012

Back on Track

I haven't written much on Run Junkie lately.  My running life during late winter and early spring - and the various observations it spawns - have seemed best suited for my twitter feed (@run_junkie), as may this post. But, with the cresting of April, came the beginning of the new track season for many of us runners in the Wood River Valley.  Every Thursday we meet spring to mid fall and endure a special kind of convivial torture designed by stalwart, and very fast, coach Brad Mitchell. Thursday's inaugural session of 2012 gave us a chance to shake out the cob webs and see just how much work we have to do ahead of those early summer races.

Sitting around stretching in the sun afterward, it was hard not to be excited for the coming season - no matter how many 1200s with 60 seconds rest we have coming down the pike.