Friday, November 30, 2007

When Old Man Winter Hits - RUN

It always seems to come out of no where. One day you're running on dry, sun-drenched road and trail. The next, you're fumbling through the dark trying not to slip on black ice or rain-soaked leaves. It's a bit of shock, to be sure. But, we don't need to resign ourselves to life on the couch until April. With a bit of planning, and a little intestinal fortitude, we can still get outside and get in those miles. Check out the links below for some tips. Yes, some are so obvious it's painful, but a number are worth thinking about. Key tips:

Find a decently long route and run laps on it
(after one lap, you'll be familiar with any hazards: ice, dogs, triathletes)

Cut back on your days
(think about adding some cross training in the dark days of winter; it'll give your weary legs and waning motivation a rest)

Score a pair of studded running shoes
(they're still working out the technology, but Asics (Gel-Artcic 2) and Icebugs have some interesting pairs. Some say you can make your own (link)). (Thanks to BM for his insight)

Winter running links:
Runners' World (link) (link)
Chicago Athlete (link)
Team Oregon (link)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Ducks, Cardinal take Div I NCAA Cross-Country Titles

The Pac-10 reigned supreme at the Division I cross country championships in Terre Haute, Indiana last week, with the Oregon Ducks and Stanford Cardinal taking first in the men's and women's team overall, respectively (story). It was the fourth championship in five years for the Cardinal, and their third in a row.