Wednesday, March 13, 2013

RJ Photo Tour of Memphis, TN

No.  It's not the high mountains, and my feet only touched for a few minutes anything resembling singletrack, but my two quick runs in Memphis, TN earlier this week produced some of the most satisfying photos I've taken this winter.   I'm not sure why I feel that way exactly.  I just know I do.

Cruising along the Mighty Mississippi.

The river does call.
On the way to Sun Studio.
"Birthplace of Rock N' Roll"

Outside Sun Studio

Outside Sun Studio 2

Riverwalk sign battered much like the Riverwalk itself.

The Pyramid, looking like 2008 fallout but soon to be the ultimate Brass Pro Shop 
Beale Street at sunrise.
Beale Street facade.
Installation at the Center for the Performing Arts.