Friday, November 30, 2007

When Old Man Winter Hits - RUN

It always seems to come out of no where. One day you're running on dry, sun-drenched road and trail. The next, you're fumbling through the dark trying not to slip on black ice or rain-soaked leaves. It's a bit of shock, to be sure. But, we don't need to resign ourselves to life on the couch until April. With a bit of planning, and a little intestinal fortitude, we can still get outside and get in those miles. Check out the links below for some tips. Yes, some are so obvious it's painful, but a number are worth thinking about. Key tips:

Find a decently long route and run laps on it
(after one lap, you'll be familiar with any hazards: ice, dogs, triathletes)

Cut back on your days
(think about adding some cross training in the dark days of winter; it'll give your weary legs and waning motivation a rest)

Score a pair of studded running shoes
(they're still working out the technology, but Asics (Gel-Artcic 2) and Icebugs have some interesting pairs. Some say you can make your own (link)). (Thanks to BM for his insight)

Winter running links:
Runners' World (link) (link)
Chicago Athlete (link)
Team Oregon (link)

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