Monday, March 3, 2008

Paula Radcliffe: Athens behind, Beijing full steam ahead

The last summer Olympics was a tough patch in Paula Radcliffe's storied career as a standout runner. Beat by the Athens heat and humidity - reaction to which was possibly made worse by some anti-inflammatories - she dropped out of the marathon at mile 20. She had another go in the 10,000 meters a few days later, but that race didn't come together either. Now in 2008, on the heals of winning the New York City Marathon, she's keeping her Athens performances in perspective and using the experience to build toward Beijing this August. Read's interview with Radcliffe about her Athens races and views on Beijing 2008 (story).

Postscript: (3-6-08) Injury keeps Radcliffe out of London Marathon (post)

(Photo by Alan Cordova, used under Creative Commons)

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