Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Results: Jones-Wilkins, Crosby-Helms Win 2008 Vermont 100 Endurance Race

Hyphens proved triumphant at this year's Vermont 100 Endurance Race (site), with Andy Jones-Wilkins repeating as men's winner and Devon Crosby-Helms taking the women's race (results). Humidity, stifling calm, mud, and close-in lightning strikes made for a challenging race and slightly slower pace than 2007. Jones-Wilkins came through in 16:07:52.20 - a 9:40/mile pace - with Crosby-Helms finishing in 18:31:34.60 - an 11:05/mile pace. Check out AJW's post on the experience (link).

Vermont 100 Endurance Run - Top Three (M/F)
Andy Jones-Wilkins 16:07:52
Kevin Sullivan 16:15:19
Jack Pilla 16:41:00

Devon Crosby-Helms 18:31:34
Kelly Cronin 18:50:58
Diana Fitzpatrick 19:51:43

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