Friday, October 24, 2008

Photo Guide to Trail Runs in Sun Valley: Adams Gulch Trail - Harpers Loop

Although I should probably be resting my knee more than I am, I also feel some urgency to get some time on the local singletrack before things shut down for the winter. So, this morning I headed out on one of the classic loops in the Adams Gulch area near Sun Valley, Idaho: The Adams Gulch Trail -- Harpers loop. Although mileage estimates seem to vary a bit depending on who you ask, careful totalling from a 2005 Adventure Map put it at about 17 miles (including the Sunnyside and Lane's spurs, see below), with about 2500 feet of climbing.

I also used the run to pilot test a new feature for Run Junkie: photo guides to the Sun Valley area's best trail runs. Inaugural effort below (or click for full size photos/slideshow).

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