Saturday, January 24, 2009

Can Clothes Make the Ultrarunner?

Is it wrong to be motivated by a jacket? I know, we ultrarunners are supposed to be of a different breed -- spurred on by nature and the poetry of perseverance and camaraderie -- but, I have to admit that one of the things truly motivating me these winter days is the finisher's jacket at the upcoming Coyote Two Moon 100k.

Now, Coyote race director, Chris Scott, is by all accounts no ordinary event tsar. His ultra hard races offer unique formats and are balanced with conviviality and an overarching sense of fun. And this uniqueness suffuses to race attire as well, whether it's the full bunny suit he dons to greet runners with Peeps, the propeller beanies race leaders wear, or the great finishers' premiums.

On deck this March for 100k finishers is a Patagonia Slopestyle Hoodie emblazoned with the Coyote Two Moon logo. And for whatever reason, I find my thoughts often turning to this trophy for motivation when the skies are gray and roads icy. That the 100k may not be offered again -- with the jacket therefore forever lost to the ethers if I miss my mark -- stirs the fires within even more.

Further stoking my fixation is likely the fact that this will be my first 100k and that I DNF'd my last race of 2008. Being able to put it on and zip it up will be a symbol of meeting the new challenge, overcoming a past defeat, and also muscling through a tough winter of training in the Rocky Mountains. That, and it's just simply a great looking jacket.

One of my training companions suggested I keep a photo of the jacket in my pocket on race day and take a look at it as the night drags on and energy wanes. And I just may do that, while of course also being spurred on by nature and the poetry of perseverance and camaraderie.

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Brad Mitchell said...

Your going to look damn good in that jacket!