Sunday, February 15, 2009

Results: Mackey, Ortiz Win 2009 Red Hot 50k+

Despite dire weather forecasts calling for rain and snow and highs in the 30's, the Red Hot 50k+ went off without a hitch yesterday under largely clear skies and temperatures in the mid-40's, with Dave Mackey coming up first in 3:58:50, followed by Tim Parr less than a minute behind. Karl Meltzer crossed third. Anita Ortiz won the women's race in 4:48:27. Full results.

Top Overall
1. Dave Mackey 3:58:50
2. Tim Parr 3:59:33
3. Karl Meltzer 4:13:14

Top Masters
1. Kevin Shilling 4:38:51
2. Hank Dart 5:21:48
3. Morgan Murri 5:23:27

Top Overall
1. Anita Ortiz 4:48:27
2. Samantha Sigle 5:07:40
3. Helen Cospolich 5:10:12

Top Masters
1. Marie-Helene Faurie 6:17:26
2. Tammy Stone 6:17:59
3. Cindy Stonesmith 6:17:59

With abundant loose-dirt trail and long sections of off-camber slab rock, the Red Hot 50k+ (actual distance approx. 34 miles) is a challenging course set in some spectacular red desert scenery.

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