Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Heading North: Ready for the Bighorn 100

Driving north back toward town this morning after dropping my boys off at camp I realized that I could see a lot of the trails and peaks that made up the backbone of my winter and spring training this year. Bald Mountain (Baldy), where I made many crampon-donned ascents and descents this winter in a desperate quest for vert, dodging baffled skiers all the way. Quigley Canyon, my go-to route for the standard, no stress 7 - 10 mile runs. And Carbonate Mountain, the lifesaver singletrack climb that's one of the first to open in spring and on which my buddies and I have done lap after lap after lap getting ready for the early season races.

It was really amazing to take it all in in a single view, which brought with it flashes of all the hours I've put in and all the tune-up races I've done. For the first time in my taper week ahead of the Bighorn 100, I felt calm; I felt confident; and I felt ready.

Time to get the bags packed and head out the door.


Brad Mitchell said...

exactly how you should feel - go get em'.

Nick said...

See you on the trail, Hank. Good luck!

Hoyawolf said...

مع السلامه

and good luck!

brad nicholson