Monday, July 27, 2009

Selected Tweets (July 2009)

I started the Run Junkie Twitter feed as a place to air some running-related observations and linkages that just didn't seem to rise to the level of a full blog post, and although I'm still mastering the form, I've really been enjoying the exercise of distilling life's moments into 140 characters.

Each tweet may not be worthy of a blog post on its own, but I thought I'd collapse some selected entries over the last few weeks to give my blog readers a taste of what's going on in the other wing of Run Junkie.
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Some photos from the run this morning with the Gang of Four in Sun Valley:
Off on dawn patrol for a few hours run with the gang of four.Early starters taking it out FAST - RT @iRunFar: Early starters at the White River 50 are underway. #wr50Really wanted to make it this year but couldn't. Has to go to Wardian, doesn't it? Even w/ Hal and Tony K on the line. We'll see. #WR5030 min to the start of White River 50. Was my first ultra. A great, great race. #WR50VentouxBack from an evening run up to Pioneer Cabin (elev 9400). Always good to get above 9k.RT @velonews: A look at last year's Tour top ten, and where they are this year"Seeking help for an injury at any price.". NY Times: from a good track workout. Tired.Elephant's Perch Backcountry Run 2009:

Our Scars Tell the Stories of Our Lives - - video by Kim Holak's pacer at Hardrock. You can feel the fatigue but see the relentless forward motion: wife's online to hoard '09 HRs. The word from @iRunFar: Pre-OR rumor - no more Montrail Hardrock going forward. Will confirm post haste.Vermont 100 this weekend. '07-'08 winner, AJW, not running. An open field. Follow with #vt100Legs a bit tired from the bounding drills Brad (Mitchell) made us do at the track last night.A Sun Valley classic tomorrow: The Elephant's Perch Backcountry Run (10 & 16.5 miles). Doing the 16. We'll see if I'm really recovered.I appreciate the struggle, but the evidence is clear: healthy weight beats overweight when it comes to health. NYT: a great 17 miler (2500 ft vert) around Adams Gulch (Sun Valley, ID). Really needed to exorcise a bad 18 miler last Friday.@joinGECKO Nice showing at Badwater! Hope those feet held together on the flight."Eat Less, Live More." From the Economist:, relaxed and funny. RT: @saddleblaze: This is hilarious: RT @PaulRaats Lance playing with Sporza....good fun be the reason for those "ghost" aid stations at 2am. "Is There a Link Between Caffeine and Hallucinations?: SciAm -

"On the Origin of Pacers" -- Conduct the Juices:
RJ Review of the Asics Gel-Trail Sensor 3: @johanbruyneel: Accept - then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Work with it, not against it'Energy Shots' article in the NY Times. Caffeine, nasty taste, and little else. Maybe just what you need:

5th for AJW just 2 weeks after Western. RT @hardrock100: Andy Jones-Wilkins in 28:10
Meltzer wins Hardrock in 24:38 (#hr100). Three for three this year. RT @hardrock100: Karl's finishing video: from today's run up to Pioneer Cabin. "The higher you get. The higher you get." obit on free-climber & legend, John Bachar, who fell to his death Sunday. NYT:

HRH-related story in NYT. RT @taraparkerpope: Woman has part of her brain removed and becomes an elite ultramarathoner.

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