Monday, January 4, 2010

Run Savers: What's Your Best Trick for Getting Out the Door on Low Energy Days?

OK.  You're an ultrarunner.  Your resting heart rate is 35.  A 3,000 foot climb is just a warm up, and you can throw up and pee while you run.  You're hard core.

And, still, there are those times when it's hard to get out the door to get the miles in.  Work has sapped your energy;  the kids have sapped your energy; or it's minus 10 outside and you're just plain sick of running after your third 90 mile week in a row. 

So, what do you do?  What trick of mind, body, or mineral do you use to get yourself out that door?

For me, one of the best tricks seems almost too stupid to mention:  Socks.  If I put on my running socks at the start of the day, even if I don't plan to run until early evening, it seems to prime my motivation and ease me through the work/family/run transition. WrightSocks at 7am have saved many a 6pm run for me.

So, what's saved your runs?


Brad Mitchell said...

1. Sometimes just knowing that the more it sucks now, the less it will suck on the big day - usually:)
2. Pick a new route.
3. A meeting time to run with others.
4. The excitement of trying new gels, fluids or solids just to see how your system reacts.

Craig Thornley said...

I look at a picture of Jizzle Wizzle.

AJW said...

I think to myself, "Craig is probably sleeping in, so if I get out the door now I am just one step closer to winning the 10-year bet!"

Derrick said...

I like the sock trick. Or there's always wear running shorts instead of underwear. Good time saver and ready to run at the drop of your pants:)

Start a running streak...worked for me.

Also, something that I've always told others is to go with the 10minute rule. Start out and give yourself permission to turn around after 10mins. Worst case is that you end up with only a 20min run, but the majority of the time you start feeling better, don't turn back and have an awesome run.

Unknown said...

1. Coffee
2. Food
3. Music
4. Accepting my self-chosen fate: "this is what I do"
5. NOT looking at a picture of AJW - Angelina Jolie maybe...