Saturday, February 13, 2010

Morning on Bald Mountain: In Pictures

Hungry for some big vert, Brad Mitchell, AJW, and I put on our micro-spikes this morning and took on Bald Mountain (Baldy), the Sun Valley, ID ski hill (elev 9200).  It was a great outing, filled with sunny skies, trash talk, gossip, one ornery skier, and 3,300 feet of climbing and descending over 10 miles.

"We're going up there?" - Brad and AJW

Two-thirds up; bottom of Upper College


Up the last grunt, chasing the skiers skinning up.  
Heart rates: Hank - 175; AJW  - 160; Brad - 95

At the top, ready for the run down

Descending toward the Pioneers


Anonymous said...

beautiful landscapes, everything is so beautiful. exactly where is the location? I'm interested to visit

Glennis said...

Beautiful place to do your running.
You might enjoy my daughter's blog on her marathon efforts which are quite different from yours.