Wednesday, March 10, 2010

TI Chronicles: The "Knob," the Second Opinion, and Solar Therapy

I've come to call it "The Knob," the Quato-like protuberance on my knee that showed itself a number of weeks after a very hard fall I took in early September, 2009, on the Vorberg Gulch trail.  My immediate concern back then was toeing the line at Wasatch four days later.  And while that went off without a hitch (at least as far as the knee was concerned), Quoto The Knob, seemed to be lying in wait.

The orthopedist I saw today for a second opinion, built on my previous exams, and felt pretty strongly that the genesis of my knee pain came back to the injury from the fall, which was right at the insertion point of the IT band.  The Knob is doing something to string the ITB too tight or to alter how it tracks over the knee or something else altogether.  Makes sense.  Of course, he couldn't reveal any pain no matter how much he twisted and stretched and prodded, which makes things maddening for someone looking for some solid answers.

So it's no real surprise that before I get a definitive plan of action, there needs to be at least one more expensive test and possibly a bout with a long, steroid filled needle (don't tell WADA).  For now, though, I can run a bit as long as I don't anger the knee too much.  And keeping up my IT band stretching and rolling certainly won't hurt.

Then there's solar therapy, which I'm hoping will work wonders.  The extended family is off to warmer climes for a week this Friday, where I plan to get in some easy runs in the soft, warm air and not worry about much of anything, except for tackling one ultra-worthy task:  Richardson's tome, Clarissa.

Little change to the Injur-O-Meters, save a small boost in attitude ahead of vacation week.

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trudginalong said...

Well Clarissa IS a major undertaking, good luck (I should know, I studied English Lit in College)... But if you get bogged down, there's always Fielding's "Joseph Andrews" who mocks Richardson from start to finish.

Hope your knee heals up quick, I'm just on the other side of a similar issue.


Anonymous said...

That really sucks to have knee problems, hope it gets better soon. A great summer coming, I like your meter!