Saturday, May 29, 2010

2010 Pocatello 50 Miler Scuttled Mid-Race by Nasty Weather

A brutal weather system that brought freezing temperatures, snow, sleet, and white out conditions caused the Pocatello 50 miler to be stopped mid-race today, as many runners from the lead end to the tail end of the pack found themselves lost. The race started under decent but threatening conditions, which turned about 90 minutes into the race into challenging, and ultimately dangerous, conditions when course flagging in the upper elevations became buried under many inches of snow or difficult to see because of white out. 

Lead runners were pulled at the mile 32 Mink Creek aid station, while others were pulled at the mile 17 City Creek aid.  Reports from the field were that some groups of runners went well off course and had to make their way as best they could back to the closest aid station. Race directors were accounting for all runners.

Under the best of conditions - last year's inaugural race was run under sunny skies and 80 degree temps - the Pocatello 50, with its challenging terrain and 14,000 feet of climbing, is one of the harder races on the ultra calendar.  Today it met the only thing that could best the course itself - the weather.

Many thanks to Brad Mitchell and AJW for first hand reports from the field. 

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