Monday, August 16, 2010

Media Wire: Injury? What Injury? - We All Just Want to Run

As a medical writer, I've gnashed my teeth many times reading Gina Kolata's health pieces in the New York Times, but I have to say I almost always enjoy it when she writes about her passion for running.  And today was no exception as she wrote about the non-sequitur most folks and most MD's see when a runner experiences repeat major injuries but still feels the need to run.

It's a nice, little piece that will speak to most of us who've been told by weary doctors (and family, friends, and the neighbors two doors down) that it just may be time to hang up the La Sportivas.  But like hopeless romantics or deluded ultra-runners, we keep the faith that things will eventually turn around, and even if we can't get back to 100 mile weeks, at least we get to lace up and feel the earth moving quickly under our feet.

Story: When Repeat Injuries Can't Dim a Runner's Passion

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