Tuesday, March 1, 2011

From the Annals of Unlikely Places: Comic Strip Insight on Endurance Sport

Ever since I was in junior high, when my love for endurance sport really started to express itself, my father's been an ardent, if at times bewildered, supporter of my various adventures -- something I believe most of us could say about at least one of our close family members.  Being a long time lover of comics, he will occasionally send me links to comics he thinks might speak to me.   Two days ago he forwarded one along from the strip Frazz, which really seemed to capture not only how we as ultra-endurance athletes define happiness but also how many, likely most, others view us and our crazy sports.  It seemed like it was worth sharing, so here it is. 

Scene: Two people talking - an old teacher and a young student - while watching Frazz bundled up and riding his bike under dim light and falling snow.

Old teacher: That lunatic Frazz.  He'd be a lot happier home in front of the television.
Student: I don't think he's ever confused comfort with happiness.
Old teacher: How is he with bewilderment vs. admiration?
Student: Don't think he gets those confused with his happiness either.
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