Sunday, June 5, 2011

Great Friends. Great Trail. Great Day.

Bittersweet day today on the trails - no two ways about.  While it was the warmest and sunniest morning of the season so far and was marked by a great mid-distance cruise with great friends, it was also one of the last regular runs we'd get in with AJW before he leaves Sun Valley for different climes and a different set of trail.

The significance of it all didn't rear its head on the run, though, as the trail chat did its typical waxing and waning from the base to the high-minded, and of course back to the base, which always predominates.

As I typically do, I chronicled the good times in images:

The grunt out of the Adams Gulch trailhead. 
Heading north toward Harpers trail.  Hard to beat this.
Capping off another huge week for AJW on his way toward Western, which included yesterday's win at the Sun Valley Half Marathon.
AJW with "The Rock." If you follow his blog, you know what this is. 
Beautiful day. Great singletrack.
Top of the Adams Gulch climb.  Hank, AJW, Brad.

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Stacy said...

Bittersweet is right. That's a drag your crew will be one runner down. The photos seemed especially lush in this post. Looks like a drop dead gorgeous run!