Monday, July 11, 2011

Pioneer Cabin: A Portrait Project

For whatever reason, my long runs this summer have all been lackluster at best and real chores at worst, a frustrating thing in what should be the high season of mountain life. But, in a rare moment of successfully channeling negative energy in a positive direction, I decided that on Sunday's outing up to Pioneer Cabin in Sun Valley (up the North Fork of Hyndman Crk and down Johnstone Crk, for those who might care), I'd take time along the way for a mini-project I'd been wanting to tackle for a while: chronicling a backcountry run in self-portraits.  

It sounds a bit corny, I admit, but I've long been fascinated with photo self-portraits and their honest attempt to capture a moment or express a sentiment even if they're by definition premeditated.  So I took my miniature tripod and took my time and snapped a few images that I think did decent justice to the day.  

Running Solo?
Running Green
Steep and Wide
Pioneer Cabin (In)
Pioneer Cabin (Out)
Rock and Snow
Trail's End

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