Monday, August 22, 2011

Annals of Summer: Photo of the Week - "Steri-Pen Meditation"

"Steri-Pen Meditation"
90 mindful seconds at Pot Creek, filling up and sterilizing ahead of the climb up Box Canyon


Gretchen said...

Nice! I find pump filters to be very meditative, but not anything I want to carry on a run. Lately I have been just drinking straight out of the creeks. Stupid, probably, but sometimes a school teacher needs to feel like a rebel. ;)

Jon said...

I'm sure you don't remember me, we spoke just briefly as you passed me in the final miles of Red Hot in Moab a couple years ago. I'm in Twin Falls and am wanting to get up to do the Miner, Prairie, Norton loop this Saturday. Are the trails fairly well marked? I've got a decent map, but nothing else on the route.

Hank Dart said...

Hey, Jon. As I recall, there were markers at all the key junctions. We parked at the Prairie Creek trailhead. There's a sign off the main hwy to the left and you go up the dirt road about 3 miles to the end. We went Prairie, Norton, Miner - in that order. It's a great 18 miles with some sections of stout climbing, but no scrambling. Enjoy. --Hank