Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Autumn Short List: Adams Gulch Big Loop

Hard to believe it's come to this:  whittling down the list of envisioned long runs to those select few you have a realistic chance of getting in before the snow falls. No matter that it happens like clockwork every year, it's always disappointing to have to table those great plans until coming seasons.

One run that made the short list in these closing days - and one that got pushed off the list last year - was a trip around the Adams Gulch big loop in Sun Valley.  One of my favorite runs in the area, I love how the route quickly leaves the populated lower gulch trails for the solace of true backcountry, with soft singletrack and great views of the Boulders and Pioneers.

A quick photo tour from yesterday's outing with Brad and Tizz.
On the Connector between Adams Gulch and Harpers.  Dry grass.  New snow up high.  Autumn.
One of many great overlooks.  Trying to figure out exactly how we got here.
Evergreen holding court, as Brad passes through.
Curvature: Cruising the ridge, not too far from the top of the climb.
Things are looking up... this.
Long shadows on new snow in the Castle Rock burn.
Tizz questioning my nutrition choices.
Where's mom?  We kept on the move.
Coming off Lanes trail.  Fall in full swing.
Back to the now-full trailhead.


TexanInOK said...

That looks amazing. I'm going to be in Sun Valley next week and was looking for places to run. I've never been to SV so I don't know where this trail would be. Is there an address or something I can put in google maps to find the trail head?

Hank Dart said...

@TexanInOK. It's a great run that starts and finishes at the Adams Gulch Trailhead, which is probably the most popular trailhead in the valley. Anyone would be able to point you there. There are maps posted at the trailhead, but I'd recommend buying one (at the Elephants Perch, or similar store) if you're going to do the big loop. In case you're curious, the route we took that day. AG trailhead to Connector Trail to Harpers to AG Big Loop (counter clockwise) to Citizens/Lanes back to AG trailhead, for about 17/18 miles. The shortest you can make it is about 14. To go longer, you need to add some trails in other areas. Enjoy.

Anonymous said...

>In Idaho, you are as likely to see a black bear that is brown as you are to see a black bear that is black. Black bears that live in the western states are often various shades of brown similar to grizzly bears.

I hope the guy who said that is right!

Rob (aka Bro)