Sunday, September 30, 2012

Going (1K) Vertical: 2012 Baldy Hill Climb Photos

For a variety of reasons, I chose not to do the Baldy Hill Climb this year.  The annual sufferfest in Sun Valley that involves climbing 3300 feet over 1.9 miles went on without me, though, and I grabbed my camera and took some photos to chronicle the affair.  The top of the podium played out as it often does, with a past, present, or future Olympian (in any range of disciplines) barely beating out other past, present, or future Olympians -- leaving the mortals gasping for breath and wondering "why?."  

It is, nevertheless, a grand, all-comers affair and a great, if painful, community event.  Here are a handful of pics.  For the full set, visit the galleries:  Run Event;  Hike Event.

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Anonymous said...

This looks cool. How many laps is it?