Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It Happened in Sun Valley: 2012 Autumn Running in Pictures

Yes.  The summer high season is the touchstone of trail running.  All daylight and warmth and bare trail and tan skin.  Really, it's a lot like attending a great music festival.  Killer act after killer act crammed into a finite amount of time.  In the moment, there's no other place you'd want to be, but when it's all over and you've finally washed your clothes, gotten some sleep, and taken a shower, you realize it's also pretty nice to put on some comfortable clothes and listen to a little Chopin.   That's what Autumn running is to me.  After the marrow-sucking frenzy of summer, the mellow savoring of Autumn.

And the Autumn running this year in Sun Valley was unparalleled.  Enough snow to feel the change.  Enough sun to stay warm.  And a fantastic group of friends to enjoy it with.

Adams Gulch Big Loop

Greenhorn Gulch

Fox Creek


MJ said...

Fantastic stuff. Actually makes me want to visit Idaho just for the running. You always have such great photos.

Gretchen said...

That first paragraph sums it all up just perfectly. Beautifully put. Ah, the marrow-sucking of music festivals. Yes! And strangely, in the end, I find I prefer Chopin.

Looks like excellent running. Glad to see you're getting after it!