Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Road Miles in St. Louis's Forest Park

The unseasonably dry - and at times warm - weather of the past six weeks has opened up the first harbinger of spring here in Sun Valley, the singletrack on Carbonate Mountain.  It's an epically early opening for Carbo, but my dog, my winter Nordic weight, and I hit the trail first thing this morning just because it was possible and, of course, to lay down an early season (if slow) marker on the climb up to the mine.

It was a bit strange, unexpectedly hitting the singletrack of Carbo just a handful of hours after I'd returned from a  work trip to St. Louis, where I always get in some solid road miles around the 10k perimeter of Forest Park - one of those large parks that punctuates the urbanscape of all well-planned cities.

I realized on this trip, though, that after many years of going to St. Louis for business, I'd never chronicled a run around Forest Park.  So after a busy day, and in the waning light, I grabbed my shoes and camera and took some photos as I made my way around the park on the gravel path, slowly letting go of the day and settling into the night.

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Stacy said...

What a pleasant surprise this morning!

I spent 4 years in that neighborhood of St. Louis during professional school. So of course I know the Forest Park loop well and love it. You are right, it is one of the great urban parks.

Thanks for taking me back there for a few minutes. And really good to have you posting regular updates again generally.