Saturday, April 6, 2013

Lingering Spring, Worderland Dreams, and a North Seattle Photo Tour

Until the singletrack thaws and dries a bit more, there's won't be too much interesting to write about on the backcountry running front here in the high mountains.  Yet, it's shaping up to be a great season, what with the early spring and some nice indications that I have a good shot at some fun ultra-distance outings this year.  Top of this list - because what is a running season without a few goals? - is an early September unsupported trip around the Wonderland Trail, which circumnavigates Mt. Rainier.

While planning and training for that outing are in embryonic stages, I recently found myself in the shadow of that hallowed ground on a spring break trip to Seattle with my family.  While there, I could have sought out some of the classic singletrack the area has to offer.  Instead, I took my runs to the road, which is always a nice switch since the vast majority of my miles are trail miles in the high season.

Road running in the city also offers a completely different set of photo opportunities.  So I took my camera out on one of my North Seattle/Burke-Gilamn Trail runs to document things. Photos below.  Slideshow, here.

Separation:  On the Burke-Gilman Trail
Kenmore Air and Lake Washington
Group ride
The industrial side

Spring in Lake Forest Park
The past

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