Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Espresso Oasis in the Coffee Waste Lands

Early start times and remote locales are often the death knell for a good cup of coffee the morning of a race. But, with a slick new hand held espresso maker, called the Handpresso, a rich single shot with a nice thick crema is within reach pretty much anywhere you can find some hot water. Sure, it's got a clunky name (must not translate well from the French), and it's pretty pricey ($150), but the prospect of great coffee anytime before, after, and even during a race is just too much for us at Run Junkie to handle (previous post). And we're longingly awaiting the arrival of a Handpresso to put through the paces.

In the mean time, the company site has a nice video of their works in action (video). Seemingly done in homage to porn video, you see that with a few pumps here, a couple turns there, and a dash of hot water, you're well on your way to espresso bliss in the wilds, or anywhere else good coffee is hard to find. Check out the site for more:

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