Thursday, May 22, 2008

Radcliffe's Stress Fracture Puts Olympic Marathon in Question

A hip injury diagnosed as a femoral stress fracture has put Paula Radcliffe's Olympic marathon in doubt, as reported by (story). The injury to the large bone in her thigh has been painful enough to keep the marathon world record holder on crutches and working out in a pool. With a diagnosis finally in the books, Radcliffe hopes proper treatment will help her complete a build-up to Beijing in August but appears resigned to the distinct possibility that her plans to return to the Olympic marathon in 2008 may ultimately be scuttled. Her injury puts her in esteemed company. Reigning Olympic men's marathon champion, Stefano Baldini, is also suffering from a stress fracture that's put his Olympic preparations in doubt, though not to the same extent as Radcliffe's (previous post).

(Photo by Alan Cordova, used under Creative Commons)

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