Sunday, August 17, 2008

Results: Olsen, L'Hereux Win 2008 Where's Waldo 100k

Over a hundred runners took to the trails yesterday to contest the USATF 100k trail championships at the Where's Waldo ultra at the Willamette Ski Pass area near Eugene, Oregon (race site). Forty one year old Neil Olsen took the honors in the men's race in a very fast 10:06:54, while Prudence L'Hereux, 37, took the women's race in 10:51:30 (official results).

1. Neil Olsen 10:06:54
2. Nate McDowell 10:10:57
3. Joe Grant 10:11:22

1. Prudence L'Heureux 11:12:36
2. Krissy Moehl 11:24:50
3. Meghan Arbogast 12:03:45

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