Tuesday, August 5, 2008

RJ Review: Asics Gel-Trail Sensor WR

Review of the new Gel-Trail Sensor 3

If you run big big miles on steep and technical backcountry trails, it'd be hard to go wrong with the Asics Gel-Trail Sensor WR (retail $109.99). Though it's a bit beefier than some might like, and it certainly won't win any fashion awards, you'll likely be singing its praises at hour three on your five hour run when the shoe's solid stance and mid foot rock protection keep you feeling nimble on even the craggiest of trails. One drawback of the Sensors, aside from the slight heft and homely look, is the water-resistant uppers (hence, the WR). As with most water-resistant trail shoes, the thing they seem to do most effectively is make your feet hot. Any repelling of water, and we've yet to actually experience any in any WR shoe, seems to be well outweighed by the sweat build-up inside the shoe. And forget full fledged immersions at stream or river crossings, where the WR fabric seems to slow up the drain and dry on the other side.

Overall, though, the Gel-Trail Sensor WR performs so well on hard trails at big miles we're willing to forgive its few peccadilloes - even if it means putting up with warm feet, a few extra grams, and sneers from the fashionistas.

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