Saturday, September 20, 2008

RJ Review: Online Training Logs

Credit to Geoff Roes's blog (Fumbling Towards Endurance) for leading me to the great training log website, I've been testing it out this week and have nothing but good things to say about it. With an orienteering-focus, it's got a lot that an ultra-marathoner is looking for in a training site. Of course there are all the standard entries (date, distance, time, intensity), plus it's got a great way to log how much vertical you've been getting in, as well as some neat injury and shoe tracking functions, and a slew of others you may find neat, you may find useful, or may not be interested in at all. Plus, it's all free, and even better, quick to register and very easy to use.

One major function that may turn some folks away is the social networking aspect. All entries on the site are al fresco - open for viewing to anyone who visits the site. With the omnipresence of personal blogs these days, this is becoming less of an issue, but still it may turn away some folks looking for a fully private easy-to-use training log website. Of course, you can use a nom de plume and not worry about it.

Either way, the site seems worth a look for those who haven't yet found a training log site that truly meets their needs.

To see Attackpoint stress-tested by some big name ultra-runners, check out the logs of Justin Angle and Geoff Roes.

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