Sunday, October 11, 2009

10 for '10: Goals for the Season Ahead

With off-season life all bon-bons and foot massages and easy chairs, and my 2009 season summed up (here), why not move on toward goals for 2010? At no time will they seem more attainable than as I sit here sipping an Americano and eating some chocolate, so here they are, in no particular order. Some are pretty global; some pretty specific to local training.
  1. Run a challenging 100 miler in under 24 hours. (PR 25:34, Wasatch)
  2. Run Bald Mountain Trail (Sun Valley ski mountain) in under an hour. (PR 1:00:46).
  3. Run Bald Mountain Trail in under 59:00.
  4. Run Carbonate climb (trailhead to mineshaft) in under 26:00. (PR 26:37).
  5. Write, and get published, more long-form pieces on ultra-running.
  6. Write more poetry, running-inspired or otherwise
  7. Find some level of relief from the full-price of shoes, equipment, and calories
  8. Take more planned easy weeks during the heat of training
  9. Get more group runs in with friends
  10. Get at least two long runs on trails I've never trod


Laurie said...

Great list! Looking forward to following the progress...

Luke said...

These goals all sound awesome, can't wait to see you out on the trails next spring/summer!