Monday, October 26, 2009

Top Twenty @Run_Junkie Tweets from October 2009

For those intelligent folks disinclined to follow the Run Junkie Twitter feed but who have just a dash of voyeur in their souls, I offer this executive summary from the last month. Here they are, such as they are: the top 20 tweets of October from @run_junkie.
  1. Beautiful early evening run yesterday through campus and around The Dish at Stanford. Pretty stout little loop.
  2. Yes, it dilutes things a bit. But why should it bother me? "Plodders Have a Place, but Is It in a Marathon?" - NYT:
  3. Palm Drive - Stanford:
  4. In Palo Alto with the family for the big 20th college reunion. Stopped by Zombie Runner, of course:
  5. Something Buddhist about latte art. Impermanent.
  6. For a bookish ultra runner, how great to get a nod on the Ulysses "Seen" blog (1st paragraph)? -
  7. New blog post: Race-Day Demons and Their Long Shadows
  8. Bowling shirts & boner minutes. Coyote Two Moon 100 opens applications - a Chris Scott event not to be missed:
  9. 1700 in the bowl as Western States 100 application period comes to a close. It's going to take some good luck in Dec to get a golden ticket.
  10. Nice run in the fall sun on some brand new singletrack. Hard to beat it.
  11. Lance seems to be France's White Whale, one hopes they don't meet the Pequod's end. VeloNews:
  12. Can't go wrong following Hicham El Guerrouj's example. "Exercise and company: Fitter with friends" | The Economist -
  13. New blog post: 10 for '10: Goals for the Season Ahead
  14. Didn't run this morning. But I did spend 2 hours "cross-training" at the new pump park in Hailey.
  15. "Growth in Mountain Biking May Put Western Park Trails Off Limits" - NY Times:
  16. Western States study: Quercetin does not affect rating of perceived exertion [or finish time]: Res Sports Med. 2009 -
  17. Snow piling up atop Baldy. This didn't happen until mid December last year:
  18. Sitting at Costco in Twin, eating pizza and wondering Rocky or Coyote
  19. New blog post: Reflections on the 2009 Season
  20. Name's in the WS hat. Feel like I should hit the sauna, just in case...

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