Saturday, January 16, 2010

HURT 100 - Top Three Through Mile 53

Update (1-17-10):  Gary Robbins takes 2010 HURT 100 in a course record time of 20:12.  Thanks for the update, Derrick.  Online live results are still down but check out Gary's Twitter feed.

Midway through the HURT 100 in Honolulu, Hawaii, Gary Robbins and Tracy Garneau lead the men's and women's fields, respectively (race site). Run on a 20 mile technical loop course with approximately 5,000 feet of elevation  per lap, the HURT 100 is an arduous gem on the 100 mile circuit, looked to longingly by those just beginning a long winter of running on ice and snow.

Top 3 Overall Through Mile 53 (Nu'uanu 3)
Gary Robbins (M) 10:00 hrs
Nathan Yanko (M) 10:35 hrs
Tracy Garneau (F) 10:49 hrs

Official ongoing updates.


Jim said...

I just read the webstie, do you mean 10 hours instead of 12 hours. The website reads 16:00 which is 4:00am and the race started at 6:00am...right?

Jim said...

sorry for the multiple post...I think they are on course to break the course record.

Hank Dart said...

Absolutely correct. Thanks for the catch. Site updated.

Hank Dart said...

Live updates on the HURT 100 site currently down.

Derrick said...

Go Canada!!

Derrick said...

Just saw on Gary's Twitter that he broke the CR running 20:12!

Anonymous said...

Any further updates? I am unable to get the update feed from the HURT 100 site.