Thursday, April 15, 2010

Amy Palmiero-Winters Honored with AAU's Sullivan Award

Capping off what has been already been an amazing year, ultrarunner Amy Palmiero-Winters was honored by the Amateur Athletic Union yesterday with the James E. Sullivan Award "for her outstanding athletic abilities and accomplishments in her sport as well as sportsmanship, leadership and character (on & off the field) in her lifestyle as a whole." (AAU Sullivan site).

Among other impressive results, the 37 year old Palmiero-Winters won the Arizona Road Racers 24 hrs (130 miles), Ultracentric 100M, and Heartland 100M -- and all, it needs to be noted, with a below the knee prosthetic (more results).  

She is slated to be on the line this June in Squaw Valley for the Western States 100.

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