Sunday, April 18, 2010

This Is Just to Say....It Must Be the Third Sunday in April

Bare trail, spring fever, and good legs seem to bring out the worst in me.  For two years in a row now - on the third Sunday in April - I deserted good sense and ran much longer than I'd told anyone I was going to. I just could not ignore the Siren song of another lap of Vorberg Gulch in 60 degree, sunny weather.

Last year, this inspired me to write a poem inspired by William Carlos Williams' classic non-apology apology - This is Just to Say (Ultrarunner's edition).  Below it's reprinted verbatim, because, well, it applies as much on this third Sunday in April as the last one.


Gretchen said...

I still love this one; thanks for the re-share.

Also, by the way, really enjoying the variety of pics on your blog header. Beautiful!

AJW said...

Um, so, did you get your ass kicked when you got home. If so, sorry. Brad and I toasted you over coffee.

Hank Dart said...

Gretchen, thanks very much on both counts.

AJW, the answer is "no," but the time difference between the intended run (single Carbo) and the actual run (double Vorberg) would have justified it. Hope you guys enjoyed the Hailey Coffee Co.

Luke said...

Good to hear you did the same thing that I did, my wife laughed out loud when I got back to the car on and called her after my long, I'll be sharing your poetry with her later today!