Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Big Miles. Simple Life: Anton on film

Anton Krupicka (previous post), the 20-something renowned minimalist who’s only indulgence seems to be logging huge miles and gathering palmares at the Leadville 100, is the subject of a recently released documentary from Negative Split Pictures. The piece, somewhat ironically titled, Indulgence – 1000 Miles Under the Colorado Sky, follows Krupicka as he trains throughout trails in the west during the summer of 2007. The website for the film doesn’t yet list any screening dates, but the DVD’s for sale (film site). You can also check out the trailer on YouTube (link). It seems like a good time for the documentary to be released. Anton-mania seems to be reaching fever pitch, with an article in December's Running Times (story) and a quickie 5 question interview in the Rocky Mountain News (story).

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