Monday, December 3, 2007

To Stretch or Not to Stretch - That is the Question of the "Stretch Study"

We at Run Junkie love running and love giving back to the community. By being part of the USATF’s “Stretch Study,” you can do both at once. The “Stretch Study” tries to figure out the possible benefits of pre-run stretching by randomly placing participants in either a stretch group or a no stretch group, and then follows each runner over a three month period. Participants are asked to answer of couple questionnaires, keep an injury report, and do all they can to keep up their stretch/no stretch pre-run routine. Since most of us keep a training log already, think about taking part. It’s not that much more of an effort, and we may help answer that age old question: to stretch or not to stretch before running. “Stretch Study” page (link).

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