Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Buzz on Caffeine

A lot of folks like to vilify caffeine. It must relate to latent Puritan angst about things that provide pleasure. But, to us at Run Junkie, there’s little we like more than a good dose of great coffee before a run, especially a long run. And, as most of you likely know already, there’s a lot of good data out there showing that it actually does us some good. One 2005 analysis looking at over 20 studies found that taking in caffeine before exercise can not only improve performance but also make the whole affair seem easier overall (study). So, you’re sold, but don’t know the details of how much is enough and how much may be too much. Enter Monique Ryan’s recent piece on (link). Sure, it’s largely focused on cycling, but she’s one of our favorite endurance sports nutritionists, and it lays out some good guidelines and tips for caffeine intake before and during exercise. So grab that latte and give it a read. Cheers.

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