Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Top and Bottom Marathon Cities

Fun little piece in the May issue of Running Times that looked at marathon finishing times and census data to come up with the top and bottom marathoning cities in the United States. Top three for marathon finishers per capita were Alexandria, VA; Salt Lake City, UT; and Minneapolis, MN. Leading the bottom was Gary, Indiana, which has a population of over 100,000 but had only 5 marathon finishers in 2006. Looking at best marathon times, Cambridge, Massachusetts came out on top with an average time of 4:03:34. Next best was Pocatello, Idaho with 4:05:26. Third was Portland, Maine with 4:06:31. California swept the bottom ten cities for marathon times, with El Monte leading the leisurely with an average time of 6:03:19. To read the article you'll have to find a hardcopy of the issue. True to form, it's not yet available on runningtimes.com.

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