Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The 2009 Coyote Two Moon Schwag Bag

Now a couple days on from the finish of the Coyote Two Moon 100k, I finally feel able take a hard look at the chock-full and esoteric schwag bags put together by RD Chris Scott and his merry band of accomplices. In no particular order with no implications, my bag, with its own unique qualities, included:
  • Patagonia Cap2 race shirt
  • Patagonia Slopestyle Hoodie finisher's jacket
  • Black Diamond SpaceShot2 headlamp
  • Zombie Runner goodie bag
  • DryMax socks
  • 1 pair United Airlines headphones
  • 1 Centurion Armored Transport patch
  • 1 toothbrush (soft)
  • 1 old but still informative copy of The Week magazine
  • 1 travel guide to the Grand Canyon
  • 1 brochure for the Intercourse Canning Co. in Intercourse PA
  • Various other brochures for random roadside attractions across the US
  • 1 romance novel ("And the winner gets...married")
  • 1 microwave popcorn bag from a Residence Inn
  • 1 what appears to be an old Iron Curtain beer coaster
  • 1 Starbucks gift card (likely empty)
  • Other random gift cards and hotel room keys
  • 1 vinyl wallet from Shapiro & Leventhal "motorcycle attorneys"
  • 1 "Test Pilot" dog tag
  • 1 nylon belt
  • 2 hotel soaps
  • 1 poker chip
  • 4 USA Today golf tees
  • Select other items hard to describe
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