Monday, March 16, 2009

Results and Report: 2009 Coyote Two Moon 100

The 2009 edition of the Coyote Two Moon 100 festival of running and unrelated activities finished up Sunday as runners weary from putt-putt golf, bowling, and general frivolity actually tackled the challenging 100m and 100k courses. In the 100k, it was an exact replay of this year's Rocky Raccoon 50, as Rocky winners Kevin Sullivan and Meredith Tarranova took top honors in times of 13:10 and 15:47, respectively. 100 mile results pending.

Of course, any results to date are unofficial, as race director Chris Scott assigns "bonus" and "boner" minutes, which can significantly affect official finishing times. Do things that anger the director -- don't answer emails, don't show up at the awards breakfast, don't wear your leader's beanie -- and you'll see your winning time slip down to mid-pack. Do things that please the director -- send him a pound of coffee each week, participate in pre-event festivities -- and you can launch from the bottom of the pack to the winner's circle. Final results will be posted when they're available.

Unlike most events, runners at Coyote leave at staggered starts based on projected finishing times, with the goal of bringing everyone home in a four hour window Sunday morning. This means things group together toward the end of the race (rather than becoming mind-numbingly bleak), and the 100k runners, often free from running in the dark, spend most of their run-time with their headlamps and flashlights.

A few photos from 2009.

On the start line with the last 100k start group--leader beanies donned

From the front

Race director, Chris Scott, reminding folks who's in charge at the pre-event briefing

Above the clouds on the climb up from from Rose Valley

The sign to Gridley Top out of Rose Valley in waning light

Meredith Tarranova (and I) into Cozy Dell AS (mile 30)

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(Start (front view) and Cozy Dell photos courtesy of Bob MacGillivray/DryMax)

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