Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Race Prep Milestone: The 10-Day Forecast

There are many waypoints and milestones on the way to a big race: the first double, the first 6 x 1200, the last long run, the beginning of the taper. For me, one of the best milestones is the posting of the 10-day weather forecast for race day. Coming as it does in the middle of the first taper week, when you're a bit burnt out but still have to get some decent miles, it not only tells you you're getting pretty close to toeing the line, but it also provides a welcome distraction and (false?) sense of empowerment as you begin to pull together the race day quiver and drop bags.

Coming off a long winter of snowy runs in the Rockies, things are looking great in Ojai, CA for the start of the Coyote Two Moon 100 ten days' hence: Sunny. Hi 72. Low 45.

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