Friday, May 20, 2011

60 Minutes of Heaven and Hell: 2011 Titus Van Rijn (TVR) One Hour Distance Classic (Sun Valley Edition)

The numbers were whittled down a bit from last year's record-breaking turnout - as smarter souls found themselves "unexpectedly" tied down with other obligations - but the 2011 running of the Titus Van Rijn (TVR) One Hour Distance Classic - Sun Valley Edition was as grand an affair as always.  Eleven toed the line on what turned out to be a rare beautiful spring day.

The TVR is a festival of running that takes place across the country between May 1 and June 14.  All that's required is a standard length track, stopwatch, and the will to run for 60 minutes while keeping track of your laps.  Results are then sent in to national TVR headquarters, where they're compiled and posted, along with entertaining race reports from sea to shining sea. The official TVR site has more details, great history, and past results (TVR site).

Taking top honors at the Sun Vally running of the TVR was, yet again, Brad Mitchell, covering close to 10 miles (15,875 meters).  Tied for second were Alex Gonzales and Hank Dart, with 13,680 meters (8.5 miles).  Top woman was Julie Cord (12,260 meters; 7.6 miles), with EJ Harpham close on her heels (12,030 meters; 7.5 miles).

AJW and his fish shorts and Liv Jensen, regulars at past runnings, missed the May 19 event, but are likely to schedule a re-run later this month.  Look out for a supplemental report should they open the event up to the press.

Full Sun Valley TVR results from 2011 and 2010.

First minute.  First bend.
Rock n Roll
Brad making it look easy
Still smiling at 30 minutes
Line up on the finishing stretch
Down the back stretch in the 40th minute

In control and happy in the closing minutes
Cool down


Brad Mitchell said...

Great work Hank - thanks for compiling the data and the report - Great sufferfest!

AJW said...


Sorry to have missed it. I'll be doing my TVR on Thursday June 2nd at the Middle School Track.


Hank Dart said...

TVR didn't seem right without the fish shorts and bon mots. I'll put June 2 on the calendar and maybe use the bounce from May 19 for a second attempt.

Gretchen said...

No pictures of the Cherry Crush chug?? Or, wait ... is it Grape Crush? These are important details you're leaving out here, Hank!

Looks like an excellent sufferfest!

Hank Dart said...

I came unprepared for the TVR, expecting to run just 5 miles then take photos - because of the uppity knee. So I didn't have the usual Black Cherry Soda 12-pack, but there was some there though no notable photos of AJW like last year. Maybe on the June 2 re-run.