Sunday, May 15, 2011

Running Through the "City of Rocks"

Idaho gets a bad rap, even if, admittedly, some of it is deserved: From the militias that muster in the northern pan handle to the "wide stance" of conservative GOP senator Larry Craig.  Yet, I'm a real booster for the state, especially when it comes to the grandeur of its wildlands, something I try to chronicle with a running bend on the pages here in Run Junkie.

This weekend, I was able to do a bit of running in another great pocket of the state - the rock climbing Mecca, City of Rocks National Reserve, which sits in southern Idaho right at the border with Utah.  It's an astounding valley filled with jutting granite formations, and some very nice singletrack from which you can see the sights.  It may not be the place for a run of epic length and vert but there's plenty to keep you occupied for a sub-epic outing.  And the climber-viewing is always entertaining.

A few photos:

Breadloaves and snow.
Nematode Rock.
Elephant Rock.
Right on to Private Idaho.
The "Inner City.
Climbing in the "Inner City."
The birds.

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benjaminleaton said...

I agree that the trail running at City of Rocks is pretty stellar. That is why my wife and I created the brand new Idaho Mountain Festival at the City of Rocks and will be hosting a Half-marathon and 10K trail race during the festival. Check it out.