Thursday, May 5, 2011

Looking for Some Mid-Week Inspiration? Check Out Bernard Lagat's 600m Repeats (Video)

Continuing the video trend, I felt a need to post this Wednesday Workout from Flotrack, featuring two-time World Champion Bernard Lagat banging out 600m repeats on some soft golf course grass.  Good reminder that you don't really need a 400m oval if you feel a need for speed.

I lost count, but they covered something like 10 x 600m at 1:40 (which he hopes to drop down to 1:30 by July).  It's hard not to be inspired by the effortless strides, but it's also great to note the largely measured pace, when you know he could go faster, and the pleading of his coach to not add one extra at the end, something I've finally come to learn is one of the main jobs of a coach.  Enjoy.

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