Sunday, January 20, 2019


Ezra Pound Birthplace.  Hailey, Idaho.

9:04 am

Road run on more new snow.

6.4 miles

Ice Bug Aurora (spiked)

Rob & Akiva Need a Podcast - "#19 Conspirapod"

Easy to moderate effort. Felt good considering yesterday.

Overarching thoughts:

Really fun podcast episode, with Antonio Mazzaro joining Rob and Akiva in a discussion and rating of wide-ranging conspiracy theories - from New Coke to RFK assassination.

One of my go-to winter running routes takes me by Ezra Pound's birthplace, something I still can't quite believe even after living here since 2005. His key role in modernist poetry and modernist literature in general was something I've been caught up in since my early 20's. And even though his troubled past can't be put to rest - and in fact is deeply relevent to some far-right populist movements in Europe - I still let myself appreciate his works and his importance to art.

With that in mind - and a blood moon eclipse on deck tonight - I thought of a line from his Pisan Cantos as I ran by his old house, now a Sun Valley Center for the Arts building.

"O moon my pin-up"
-Ezra Pound, Pisan Cantos

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