Wednesday, January 30, 2019


Old cistern near the base of Carbonate Mountain, overlooking Hailey, Idaho.


6:01 pm

Road run to Carbonate, then compact snow on ridge and switchbacks

6 miles

Icebug Aurora (spiked); Black Diamond Z Poles

Morning Shakeout - "Devon Yanko" (***** highly recommended)

Felt spry, especially compared to the day before.

Overarching thoughts:
I've probably run to the top of Carbonate 200+ times, but that's during the shoulder and high seasons.  In the winter, I've only been up a handful of times, but every time I have - this run included - it's been a wonderful, if more treacherous, experience.  The snow routes can be on-and-off frustrating, but there is also a freshness to it all.  Make it a night run in the cocoon of headlamp light, and it turns fun, with a dash of cut-off-from-it-all serenity.  It may have been my favorite run of the past few months.

The after-run disappointment in my night run photos remains absolute, they so inadequately capture what it is I feel and see in the moment.  But I remain inspired to keep trying.  

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