Saturday, January 19, 2008

After Party: "Cottonwood Chords" from Mountain Khakis'

Because after the running stops, life goes on

Welcome to Run Jukie's newest segment - After Party - where we'll talk about and review some of the things that make life after your run that much more sweet. And, we're not talking about a dry shirt and a banana. We'll be writing about great food & drink, hip clothing, and just plain cool stuff that'll make you feel like every day's been marked by a PR.

Kicking things off - "Cottonwood Chords" from Mountain Khakis (site). And, yes, they're pants, which usually isn't something to get excited about. But, these pants are different. As comfortable as a pair of sweats--but warmer, more assuring, and downright stylish in a mountain kind of way--these will become your go-to pants after your 12 mile training run or 50 mile ultra. They're a fine wale chord but have the thickness and richness more common to wide wales. And don't worry about looking like a reject from the Preppy Handbook, these pants have a great high-altitude look--notched pockets (with two on the right side), gusseted crotch, reinforced heal cuff, and a cool, lined fly flap. Without missing a beat, the "Cottonwood Chords" can take you from the finishing chute to the sushi bar. Although they're missing a dedicated cell phone pocket and are a bit pricey (retail $75.00), their look, feel, and construction make them an After Party must have.

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