Thursday, January 10, 2008

A New, Normal-sized Forerunner from Garmin

In anticipation of this week's Consumer Electronics Show in Sin City, Garmin released a much anticipated and much smaller version of the GPS running watch: the Forerunner. Ramping up the style while sacrificing nothing from previous versions, the new Forerunner 405 will retail for $299. The smaller size will definitely appeal to those with small to medium frames, on which the older version could look like Dick Tracy wrist TV's. Check out the corporate 411 on the 405 (press release).

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Chris O'Keefe said...

The main question is will batter life be long enough to last a 100K or better yet a 100 mile run. It would be nice if the lasted a double century bike ride as well. The 305 does not cut it IMHO at 10-11 hours.