Sunday, January 27, 2008

Race Update: 2008 Robie Creek half marathon registration day set

Following up on a previous post (post), registration day for the popular Boise area trail half marathon, Race to Robie Creek (site), has been set for Monday, February 18. Directors have yet to reveal the exact registration procedure, which is highly anticipated after the melt down of the servers in 2007.

Postscript: (2-18-08;3:05pm) Robie Creek site reports race is full; posts race logo for 2008 (post).

Postscript: (2-18-08; noon) It's registration day and sign-ups grind to a halt again. See update (post).

Postscript: (2-13-08) Race directors officially ban iPods from race (post).

Postscript: (1-31-08) Slightly testy update on the Robie Creek FAQ about registration for 2008: "100% online, it will start at 8 am mt time on february 18th 2008, president's day. a link to the sign up page will be at on the 18th. please only hit your enter key once. the more you hit the enter or refresh keys it only slows down the computers, as the server must answer each hit. GOT IT?"

Postscript: (April 18, 2008) Race instructions on the eve of race day (post).

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